Hello friends! Those of you who follow me on Twitter would probably have known that I took a super impromptu trip to Tokyo a few weeks back after a sudden bout of depressing thoughts came over me. I brought along my Lumix G1 and my Minolta to keep me company. I went there with no plans whatsoever and I don’t speak a word of Japanese, so it was quite an adventure.

Luckily I had my friends Jamie and Takeshi in Tokyo, together with Ade and Joanne who were all kind enough to meet up with me.

Well I’m back, with 6 rolls of film and about 1000 digital shots, and I’m still curating all of them. I’m actually yet to develop my films, so those will come much later.

Stay tuned for more in-depth entries of my day to day adventures, but for now I’ll just post a teaser of some of the better (digital) pictures from my trip.


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