30 minutes

A few days ago, I woke up slightly earlier (okay actually hours earlier) than I usually do to send my sister off for her first ever camp! Haha I was actually quite excited for her that she’s all grown up now. Long story short, I ended up taking a stroll from her school back home, taking a circuitous route around the neighborhood at 7.15am in the morning.

In the half an hour that it took me to get home, I finished off the 20 odd shots I had left in my camera, which was very very surprising for me since for those who’ve seen me shoot, I am a very slow shooter by nature. I can sometimes follow the other shooters for a whole day and fire off maybe 5 to 6 shoots, and that’s considered a lot by my standards.

Which made me wonder about my shooting style. I wonder if it’s folly, or discipline, that I shoot one frame of a scene and move on. Sometimes it’s folly because my timing might be off, or if I had taken more frames I might get a better picture, but sometimes I feel that if you can’t get that one frame right, you’re doing it wrong.

William Eggleston has the same kind of shooting discipline as me, one shot and that’s it, but granted he’s shooting more still subjects instead of dynamic streets so he has the time to compose. What do you think?


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