Haven’t been updating this space lately because I haven’t been up to date with my scanning. Had about 7 rolls to scan and I just got down to scanning them at pretty low (I think 800dpi or 1200dpi) as contact prints last night.

But one photo from the 7 rolls really made me smile. It’s a photo of my good friend Dav running after a flock of pigeons. A few weeks back I was sitting down thinking that in our quest to take street photographs of random stranger doing interesting things or random items on the street, we sometimes forget that we live in a life filled with many people that matter in our lives. And we sometimes forget to take pictures of those people.

So here’s a reminder, both to myself and others, don’t forget to take pictures of the people you love. It might not be an artistic picture or technically perfect, but at least you’ll have a physical copy of a memory. Whatever it is, you need to have fun when taking photos. Never forget that. Once going out and taking photos becomes a chore, you’ll know its time for a break.

Oh and here’s the picture I was talking about. Starting to like shooting with a 35mm cos I’m liking the wideness it gives, but I need to change my shooting style. Can’t shoot and stand the way I used to. Taken with my Minolta x500 + 35mm f2.8. Can’t remember the film used though. It says 400N on the film edges.

1 thought on “Fun

  1. That is a great shot dude…And you’re spot-on with what you’re saying about remembering to shoot friends and family sometimes 🙂

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