What’s in my Bag

I submitted a bag post to the great Jpncamerahunter a while ago. you can see the entry on his site here. 

My bag is an army surplus bag I got from eBay for $20 (I think I got cheated for it) but it’s good enough for my usual walkabout kit. It’s quite small but since it doesn’t have a shape, you can actually stuff quite a bit in it. I usually carry my cameras (you can fit both in it, but it’s a tight fit) in separate soft neoprene pouches (the black rectangle in the top right) that I got from this $2 shop from Japan called Daiso.

Left half of the picture: from left to right, top to bottom.
-A plastic bag for me to bundle everything up in case it rains
-My notebook and pen for me to jot down my field notes and eureka moments for my thesis
-Lens tissues and keys in 1 front pouch
-Lip balm and tester capsule of some perfume (Singapore’s really humid so you need something to keep you smelling fresh)

Top Right half:
-Gatsby facial wipes and blotter paper because my face gets really oily as the day goes by
-My Olympus mju ii camera. I just got it for a great bargain a few days ago. My first test roll is in it.
-Generic iPhone earbuds
-Another great Daiso buy – my $2 wallet
-All these sit on the neoprene pouch I was talking about

Bottom right:
-My iPhone 4. That’s a picture of me and my lovely girlfriend as the wallpaper.
-My trusty Minolta X-500 with the 50mm f1.4 mounted on it. It’s usually that or the 50mm f1.7 or 35mm f2.8.
-I made that wrist strap out of my girlfriend’s head band. Couldn’t justify paying money for a wrist strap so I stole her head band and made my own.

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